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Happy Wednesday! It’s Yarn Along day!

Wednesdays always sneak up on me when Monday is a holiday.

socks and Knitlandia

This week I’ll finish Shujin’s socks. The first sock left the needles the night before his birthday. I felt like I had to have at least one finished to show him and even thought of wrapping it up, but decided in the end it was a waste of paper and tape. He seems happy to know he’s getting them, which makes me want to finish as soon as I can. And now one sock is ready for blocking. You can see from the size of his boots why it took so long to finish!

I am still in love with the yarn colorway, Inverness Tonal, the Stroll yarn from Knit Picks. The colors are subtle but brilliant.

knit picks stroll tonal inverness

knit picks stroll tonal inverness

After the socks are completed, Son No. 1 has requested I knit him a pair of gloves.

He liked the set I made for Son No. 2 and wants his own. I’m feeling backlogged. Is that the right word for having lots of projects waiting to be started? In order of priority, here’s the waiting list:

  1. Finish Shujin’s socks. I’m so happy with the yarn and the pattern that I am going to try this again, maybe with the yarn he gave me for Christmas. It just won’t be anytime in the near future!
  2. Re-block Son No. 2’s gloves. They are a little too large on him and I hope washing will help them to fit better. Otherwise they will need frogged and reknitted. I don’t mind doing it but…
  3. Son No. 1 has requested gloves. I don’t even have the yarn for these yet. It might be fun to take him to the LYS and let him choose what he likes. Then maybe lunch after?
  4. The Mystery Knit Along scarf that I signed up for at the end of December is hibernating. *sigh*. I was so excited to do this. It’s a brilliant KAL that requires the knitter to use role playing dice to determine the patterns to knit. I bought the pattern, received the yarn, and cast on. The first few rows looked terrible. It then occurred to me that not using double knitting in AGES was a good way to get completely out of practice. It went into the project bag and hasn’t seen the light of day since. There are definitely good and bad parts to this story, however. The bad part is quite obvious if you’ve ever participated in a knit along: I am so far behind in progress that I am missing all the good chat in the forums. The good part is two fold: all of the pattern mistakes are caught by others (so I should have perfect patterns by the time I get to it) and I found better yarn for the project than what I originally purchased. At least I think it will be better. After looking at the spoiler threads, I was able to see what colors looked good for the patterns being knitted. I really liked the look of a variegated yarn with a plain white or black, so I found a purple/plum/red yarn and will use it with white. Can’t wait to get started!
  5. Before going back to #4, I need to practice at least with one square of double knitting something else. So I’m going to try one of Latte & Llama’s Geek-A-Long squares. I’ve been eyeing her projects for awhile, and decided to make a blanket using her squares for Son No. 1. I think he’d really, really like it, possibly for his birthday in June, or maybe for next year’s Christmas present. So it isn’t something that needs to go to the top of my list, but it would be a good practice project for the MKAL scarf.
  6. Finally, I ordered some lovely plum wool at the end of November for a hat and matching mitts for me. It has been cold here so far this year, down in the 30s sometimes during my walks, and my store-bought cotton/acrylic gloves are not very warm. I could go to storage and dig out my snow gear, but I’d rather not rummage through packed boxes. The yarn, sitting at the top of my stash, is Knit Picks Wonderfluff in the Goji Heather colorway. It’s super soft to handle, made with baby Alpaca and merino wool. The pattern is free from the Knit Picks web site called Ultra Cozy Hat and Mittens. I’m afraid that I won’t get to it in time for this year’s use, though.

the stash

Here’s the Stash, with the only kitty that is suitable for this apartment. No fur, no claws and no litter box!

I’m currently reading Knitlandia. It is going quickly, quite entertaining, not what I thought it would be. I’m almost finished with Alan Watts, and will definitely be reading The Way of Zen multiple times. The Lies of Locke Lamora is pretty good and still on my Kindle. It’s not Robert Jordan, but it’s only the first book in the series. I still have hope!

Now go visit the other Yarn Along projects. Have fun!

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