Yarn Along: Double Knitting

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Happy February!

I feel like I should be casting on something pink in honor of the new month. But not today.

double knitting

I finished the Mario star practice square over the weekend. It didn’t take very long once I got back into the rhythm. I’m not happy with the edges. But since this is going to be sewn into a blanket, where the edges won’t be obvious.

Getting this off the needles meant I could start the Yarn Quest by Epic Knits. I printed the quest and patterns, loaded a dice app onto my phone, rolled the yarn off the hanks and into balls, and picked up the needles.

This time, I cast on two extra sets of stitches so that I could try to get neater sides. The first set on the row is then slipped while the last set is knit together. I learned this technique a long time ago when knitting sweaters that had to be sewn together as pieces. I can’t really tell if it’s working yet since I haven’t gotten very far.

The quest itself is fun. My character, whom I named Chai, has traveled on a stone path (the first pattern below), met up with an elf at a dragon temple and contributed to her Elemental (which is Time…the pattern in progress is an hour glass) and will be moving on to look at the temple (and knit another pattern).

The only thing I’m not liking about it is the white yarn. I thought it would be a brighter white but is really leaning towards gray. The Knit Picks web site describes the colorway as

Pearlescent is truly a color that shines – shades of ivory combine with a warm light grey as well as light shades of platinum and silver. The beauty of Pearlescent is in the subtlety of the variegation. A must have color for any fans of neutral or warm colorways, also great as a neutral shade to combine with other bold colorways.

Sounds like a something from the inside of an oyster, right?

I think it looks completely gray, but I’ll reserve final judgement until I get farther along.

On the topic of books, mine hasn’t changed over the week and I figure that reading the Quest counts well enough. Knitlandia is progressing the most and I’m almost a third finished.

I hope you are enjoying your first day of February!

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