Unraveled Wednesday: November 1, 2017

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Today is Day 1 for NaNoWriMo and I’m happy to say I’ve met my daily goal. It’s a good start, anyway.

But since I’ve been so focused on writing for that, I did not take the time to properly prepare the photos for today’s entry. Please excuse the mess!

I’ve just about reached the point on the Roan Highlands Sweater that I was at before I frogged, er, restarted it last week. Only a few more rows until I remeasure again and (hopefully) move on.

Two nights ago I started the gauge swatch for the Waiting For Rain shawl. Not much to see yet…

On the nightstand…

I am halfway through the next Agatha Raisin book, “The Murderous Marriage”. Honestly, I think my husband cringed when he saw the title of that one! It’s pretty good so far. I hope Agatha and Mr. Lacey can get things worked out!

I gave up on Rita Mae Brown’s series. Made it halfway through the third book and grew tired of hearing Mrs. Murphy and Tucker espousing history lessons. Really, how did those animals get their education? It wasn’t from the person they live with. It’s quite obvious Harry doesn’t have that level of intelligence. I can only presume Mrs. Hoggendobber gave them regular lessons while she helped out illegally at the post office. 

Frankly, I thought Rita Mae Brown has a great writing style. Blame it on the publisher for not telling her to change the sleuth before publishing the first book in the series. Mrs. Hoggendobber would’ve been perfect. And I’m not Christian, so I’m not saying that because of her devout behavior. She simply has a more interesting personality than the chosen protagonist. 

But that’s solely my opinion. The books have great ratings on Goodreads so I know I’m in the minority here.

I’ve picked up another series, this one by Maggie Sefton. This is a Knitting Mystery, so I kind of have some qualms about it. I mean, I love to knit, but I’ve picked up (and put down) other cozies centered around embroidery or baking that just fell flat of telling a good story. But I hope this is a good one!

Now go visit Kat. There are a lot more interesting things to read there!

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  1. Lovely color of the yarn of your “frogged” piece; hope it’s right this time. I think I have the knitting cozy mystery among my books…I’ll be interested in your take on it; I’ve not started…guess I need to look to see if I do have it.
    Knit on! And congrats on meeting your daily NaNoWriMo

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