Think Write Thursday and the Month of Tao

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Carole Julius at Carole Knits has a continuing topic called “Think Write Thursday”. I really like the play on words, the encouragement to set aside a day to write about thinking right. It’s so Zen, a way of getting you head around something more existential than the daily chores. And while I am hesitant to commit to writing on a suggested topic every week, this week’s topic was on the mark with what I was thinking about writing anyway.

Your action item for today is to go read her post. I loved the way she found something so nice about January that it makes you want more of it, and I think you’ll like it too!

So Hello January!

I agree with Carole that January isn’t June. Let’s face it, though: June wouldn’t be so wonderful if it weren’t for January. Would a beautiful sunny day be as beautiful if you never experienced a day of dreary cold weather? It’s all relative.

January itself has its pluses along with the minuses, as she most beautifully points out. The trick is to notice the positive quality of each moment. I tried explaining this to Shojin on a walk we took last weekend. The rain was icy cold and the wind was bitter, and after the first mile our legs were frozen. He asked why we were doing it. My reply was along the line of “because it feels so good to be inside where it’s cozy and warm”.

I think he thinks I’m crazy.

This year, my January is all about pluses and minuses. In fact, it seems that January is my month of Tao.

think write thursday

Here are some examples.

January 2017 is the last month Shujin works. Next month he will be officially retired from his position. I am both excited and nervous.

Son No. 1 is planning on moving out this month. I am happy he is finding his independence and sad I won’t be able to share his life with him every day.

Son No. 2 will likely be with us in February. It frustrates me that he is not on his own but I’m grateful I spend so much time with him.

We don’t have any plans for travelling this month, but we do have plans for extensive travelling this year. I am wishful for a road trip yet content we are here now and able to plan.

See what I mean? All these conflicting feelings…I suppose it’s just coincidental that it’s January. But it so exemplifies the need for right mindfulness and living in the present moment. It is so…Tao!

I expect to do a lot of sitting this month. And walking.

How’s your January shaping up? Is it a month you like?


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