Think Write Thursday, or More Cake Anyone?

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Today’s topic for Think Write Thursday is

  plan a dinner party, inviting 3 people, living or dead.

I started thinking about this when I read Carole’s post this morning. Which, by the way, is absolutely wonderful and you should go click into her blog when you are done here and read it.

dinner partyOf course the first thoughts that came into my head were along the lines of inviting my grandparents, who have been deceased for many years and whom I miss terribly. Then it occurred to me that if I had the opportunity to see them alive once more, it would pain me to no end to say goodbye again. So I nixxed that idea.

I thought about inviting Siddharta Gautama, or other wise sages such as Alan Watts. They would be very interesting to talk to, I’m sure, especially if I had a magical ability to understand the Buddha’s language or, if he were speaking in English, the modern equivalent of his ancient dialect. They probably wouldn’t feel comfortable at a dinner party, though, since the proper frame of mindfulness towards food is to respect it as the body’s fuel, not desire it as a source of pleasure.

Scratch philosophers off the list.

I thought of famous scientists, like Albert Einstein or Erwin Schrödinger, artists such as Da Vinci or Picasso, authors like Jane Austen or producers such as George Lucas. All of whom would have fabulous things to say in a conversation, but how would I choose only three?

No brilliant geniuses.

Then the practical me spoke up. “Why not just invite your family?” Which makes a lot of sense since they are they people I enjoy being with the most. But not a very clever write up for the topic, as I’m sure no one wants to hear about our pizza nights.

I even added an extra mile to my walk this morning to think about what to write about.

Well, not really. I was particularly enjoying the podcast I was listening to, and therefore particularly avoiding thinking about who I would invite to a dinner party.

So when I got home I decided to give up on the whole dinner party idea and talk about something else.

I’m sorry, Carole. You were right that it’s a pretty hard topic to write about.

Instead, I want to share a bit about a podcast that I found recently and am really enjoying.

This week I found a knitting podcast called Shinybees narrated by Jo Milmine. I’m not sure how I found it, but I think it was a referral from someone’s blog or another podcast.

Jo is nutty. She’s a knitter. And she’s British. So even when she’s not being funny, her accent is adorable, which makes even not-so-funny topics sound good. You can find her on Ravelry, too.

She has a segment on each show about something related to knitting, such as her current projects or stash, or interviews with yarn-related people, or another clever textile-related topic. She also relates stories about what’s going on in her life, like the time she tried to return a lost dog to its owner-that-was-not-its-owner or the time she and her husband were stopped in the road because of a roaming rhinoceros. Go listen to her. But be warned: if you are listening while walking with earbuds in, you’re going to get some funny looks from people when you start laughing out loud.


Anyway, today I was listening to one of her podcasts in which she was giving an interview. She asked the woman she was interviewing a question that I thought was brilliant, and since it’s related to food (although not a dinner food), I thought it might be a good substitute for today’s Think Write Thursday topic.

The question was

“If someone were to call you a cake, what kind would you be?”

Much easier than planning a dinner party for three, don’t you think? I thought it was quite clever. Makes you think about what kind of person you’d like to be without putting you on the spot.

So I thought about this. It didn’t take long at all to come up with an answer. Maybe because I’ve had cake on the brain all this week. Or rather, in my stomach.

If I were a cake, I’d hope to be a vanilla layer cake with raspberry preserves. Not a jelly roll, because it would be too fancy. Just a plain, two layer cake with raspberry preserves between the layers.

more cake

Okay, this one doesn’t have the raspberry, but I couldn’t find a picture that does. And I’m afraid to bake another cake this week after what happened to the last one.

I like vanilla because it is very dependable. Most people can find something that they like about vanilla, no matter what culture they come from. And raspberry preserves aren’t too sweet or heavy. Some people might consider it more healthy than frosting because it has no fat and has real fruit sugar instead of cane sugar.

I’d like to think it’s more healthy. Really, it just tastes good. On cake or on pancakes or on biscuits, whatever you like. No one here is going to contradict.

Vanilla cake with raspberry preserves is simple. There’s no frosting to hide under, no frou frou to distract your attention and no nuts or mystery chunks to confuse you. Just plain cake with a little raspberry surprise between the layers.


Thus ends this week’s topic for Think Write Thursday. I’m sure it isn’t in the spirit of what was intended, so I’m not going to link into the real posts. Please go read them here anyway. There are many brilliant writers out there who will have lots more inspirational dinner parties than I ever would!

Quick edit: I decided to add my post to the link page. After reading about how others had difficulty coming up with a guest list, I don’t feel so bad!



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  1. I love your take on this topic, and I’m glad you linked your post or I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of reading. I think that’s part of the fun of Think Write Thursday; you can interpret the topic in the way that you want to. Vanilla cake would have been my answer also, maybe with buttercream icing, but raspberry preserves sound even better. Thanks for the podcast recommendation!

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