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Tartan knitting.

Have you tried it? Would you try it?

This weekend was great for some down time and I started thinking about my next knitting project. Christmas is coming, but I knitted everyone gloves and hats last year so I’m pretty sure my family will not want knits this year. That’s okay. It frees my knitting time for other things. So I’m thinking about trying to knit a tartan lap blanket for myself.

I enjoy researching my family history and have some Scottish heritage. Like most U.S. citizens, I have a mixed immigrant ancestry, so in addition to Scottish I can claim German, English, Irish and French (Alsace, actually) heritage. But I am particularly fond of my Scottish roots and am a proud member of Clan MacMillan.

Thus, if I want to knit a tartan, there are several MacMillan “official” tartan designs to consider.

The first is the “Ancient” colorway.

It’s my favorite. I’m not fond of the weathered coloring (which supposedly came from muting the fabric in a peat bog), but I can imagine knitting colorful blocks of olive, yellow, burnt orange, red (or fuschia) and dark green, then assembling the blanket and decorating with black stripes.

Or there is the Hunting colorway.

This might be a little easier. 

I found a pattern on Ravelry called Tartan Plaid Afghan by Margaret Holzmann  that could work for this. I see green, blue and black stripes that could be embellished with stripes of yellow and red. 

What do you think? Another epic knit?

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