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My husband officially retired February 1.

I’ve asked him twice since then how he is liking it. The response so far has been “it hasn’t sunk in”. I suppose that’s normal; we’ve had long vacations before and it probably just seems like another one.

Still, we’ve been looking at travel trailers and thinking about what we’d like to do over the next few months. One priority is to find a new home by the end of the year. We don’t know where, but would like to have fun finding it!

Shopping for a travel trailer is an interesting experience. I’ve read lots of blogs about how to negotiate a fair price, what features to look for, and how to organize a trailer for long-term living. So far, the price negotiation hasn’t worked. We’ve found that the RV dealers within 50 miles have lots of business. They aren’t interested in negotiating. One of them wouldn’t even respond to our emails. So we traveled to the dealer, went through the trailer we were interested in, and discussed the purchase with the salesman. He claimed he’d made twenty sales in the previous week and was about to close on his 21st. He was so busy that he wasn’t answering emails.


We heard similar from two other dealers that we checked out. Lots of people in Northern California are buying RVs right now.

After two weeks of serious consideration, we finally decided our best option would be to purchase from the same dealer we’d bought a travel trailer from years ago. We always got good service from him on warranty work and he was always helpful when we had questions. He didn’t have the lowest prices but his trailers were good quality. We chose a Forest River Grey Wolf Model 23bd, paid his “rock bottom” price in full and signed the contract. It was a nice trailer. It had a sofa (husband’s requirement) and I liked the slideout and the way the counter curved around.

It was roomy and bright, which met my requirements.

After we got home, we looked up some of the reviews posted by other Grey Wolf owners. Both of us were rather surprised to find out that most of the trailer couldn’t be accessed when the slideout was not extended. This was a problem, because when you are boondocking (camping without hookups) in a parking lot (like a truck stop or Walmart), you can’t extend your slideout. Or shouldn’t, anyway. And if we wanted to stop for lunch while driving down the road it looked like we’d have a hard time getting into the cabinets.

In addition, we didn’t like that many people found this model of trailer had a limited amount of storage space. We aren’t pack rats, but I like to be organized. So we called the dealer and asked if we could switch to a different model, the Outdoors RV Creekside 22rb. He agreed, of course, since the Creekside trailer cost an additional $6000 over the Grey Wolf!

I am so glad we made the change. I love this trailer!

This one has a Four Seasons package, meaning it has additional seals and insulation. It came with all sorts of fun extras including hooks, a hair dryer, two solar panels, extra large propane tanks, an extra battery, and stuff for the water systems. I love the homey feeling of the interior. And it has absolutely tons of storage space. I’ve loaded it up already with our camping gear and still have space left over!

Now we need only wait for the weather to clear up a little so we can head over to one of our favorite spots on the coast. I don’t mind camping in a little rain but it’s not much fun when it’s pouring every day!

Happy Retirement!

Ready to go!



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