A Walk Through A Rainy Day Art Gallery

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Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

We continued to get a lot of cold rain and it left a good amount of standing water. Many places nearby are flooding, mostly in rural areas. Not here, fortunately, but there are some rather large puddles that make walking interesting. I don’t mean interesting as in “ah, I thought that one was shallow” when you find yourself unexpectedly wading, but rather interesting, as in what you see when you look at a puddle.

I like looking at the reflections that I see in puddles. It’s like rainy day art. Take this one, for example:

rainy day art

Unmodified, it’s obvious that it’s reflections of a tree and light poles. When I stood over it I could also see some of the cloud patterns in the sky. Nothing unusual for a city sidewalk.

Add a black and white filter, do a little cropping, and voila! What is this?

rainy day art

An alien from a distant galaxy!

Ok, maybe not. What do you think it is? Maybe the answer depends on one’s personality. Like a Rorschach test.

Did you get it right? It’s a garbage can with a tree behind it. Oh. Well, it’s much more interesting as rainy day art than as the real life garbage can.

Here are some prettier images. The only adjustment I made was to apply a black and white filter and crop the photos.

rainy day art

rainy day art

rainy day art

I kind of like them. Modern art!

Now here’s the last one. Can you guess what it is?

rainy day art

It looks like seedy glass, doesn’t it? Or maybe something in clear jelly with lots of bubbles. Or an object submersed in boiling water…

But it’s a reflection off a sidewalk.

I became so absorbed in looking at the reflections on the puddles that my walk went by quickly. Who knew that a walk in the rain could be like a walk through an art gallery? Rainy day art!

I hope you have a great day, rain or shine!

(The mystery photo is of a drinking fountain. Did you guess correctly?)

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