Merry Christmas!

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presents under the tree

I hope you all had a wonderfully merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve eating lasagna and salad. We only have it once a year, which makes it rather special.

For Christmas morning I fixed French toast made with my own homemade challah. A treat anytime, but especially good with the maple syrup we bought in Vermont in October.

We spent the day relaxing, then had a super delicious dinner. I make a point not to go overboard cooking for Christmas. It takes me days to prepare and cook for Thanksgiving, but the meal is really the centerpiece of the holiday so the effort seems justified. Our Christmas meal is usually special, but I try to make it quicker. Shujin gets a small honey ham (no one else likes ham), the boys get a cheesy dish (this year it was au gratin potatoes) and I get a vegan roast. I added broiled Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls and cranberry sauce this year. I didn’t even make the cranberry sauce – I found Trader Joe’s has a good one with whole berries that tastes just as good as mine without all the work of boiling down the syrup. Yummy!

After dinner we opened presents. Son No. 1 loved the Minecraft Lego set I got for him. I never would’ve thought to buy Legos for a 21 year old if he hadn’t given me the hint, but I guess they don’t have an age limit. He gave me a two hour gift certificate to a local spa. A very welcome gift, indeed!

Son No. 2 was really happy to get the hat that I knit for him. I also gave him a new set of headphones, but was happily surprised he seemed to like the hat better. He surprised me with a box of tea and a special tea mug. Very thoughtful!

Ah, yes, boys do grow up. A little bit, anyway.

Shujin gave me a sock kit from Knit Picks. He knows he can’t go wrong with knitting supplies. And what beautiful yarn!

sock kit

I gave him an introductory kit for leather crafting. He’s been talking about wanting to learn how to make leather goods as a hobby. I hope he enjoys it as much as I’ve enjoyed his knitting gifts.

I hope your Christmas was as joyful as ours. May the spirit of Christmas remain in your heart all year long!

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