Happy February!

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January is finally over.

I think I can honestly say that January is my least favorite month. I don’t care for short, cold days, feeling trapped in the house because of the weather. When I lived in California, January rained. And rained. And then it rained some more. Here in Tennessee we got some snow, which was pretty, but it didn’t stick around.

That’s fine with me. Better than gray drizzly rain.

So now February is here, and I hope it will bring a few flowers and warmer temperatures. I don’t really believe groundhogs can determine what the weather will be, but secretly I hope that Punxsutawney Phil will declare tomorrow that spring is just around the corner.

Puxtsutawney Phil

The New Oven 

Let’s start today’s blog with the announcement that, after four months, my replacement oven arrived and appears to be working! It was far too cold to burn it in the first day, but the day after that we opened all the windows, put fans in the kitchen windows, and turned it on. That night I baked a celebratory batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. The next day we had homemade calzones! We are all so very happy to have baked goods again. Yesterday’s homemade rolls were perfect for my veggie sausage hero with bell peppers and onions!

I don’t think anything would’ve happened if I hadn’t complained to the Better Business Bureau. I am glad they exist. Twice in the last two years that I’ve used them to resolve a problem with a major company and I highly recommend the process. It’s easy to complete the forms online and the BBB does the rest. They will help even if the company isn’t listed as a BBB member. Thank you, BBB!


On the knitting front (did you hear my heavy sigh?) I finished my son’s gloves, but the result was just a little too big for him. They fit my husband perfectly but he didn’t need another pair of gloves. There was only one thing I could do: frog them and knit them again.

So I did, and I didn’t wash the crinkly yarn, so the final product fits but after blocking still has some crinklies. I think they’ll wash out okay but it was a good reminder about the importance of washing the yarn after frogging in order to reuse it.

Unfortunately, the Roan Highlands sweater suffered the same fate. I finished it, tried it on, and found it was way too big from the armholes up to the neck. I suppose I could’ve ripped back to the armholes and tried again, but I wasn’t too sure about how to change the pattern, so I ripped out the entire thing. It’s kind of ironic that a piece which takes months to knit up takes only a couple of hours to rip apart.

I used my Sweater Wizard software to come up with a new pattern that considers the length between my armhole and my shoulder, and cast on the ribbing last night. Crossing my fingers this one fits better. I really like the yarn!

Blog Update

Finally, the new blog is still on the drawing board but only because I’ve been having so much fun with the digital art classes I’ve been taking that I haven’t spent enough time on the new web site. And doodles! In late November I discovered doodling and I can’t seem to quit. At first I’d just spend a couple of hours on it. But then it stretched into more hours, then a couple of days, until my last doodle took four days to finish!
Ta da!

I got a new set of gel pens yesterday and went crazy with a smaller doodle. So I ordered another set of gel pens and a set of Uni-ball metallic pens. They should arrive early next week and I can’t wait to see what I can do with them. It reminds me of when I’d get a new box of Crayola crayons in elementary school and couldn’t wait to try every color!

Have a wonderful week and (hopefully) a pleasant Groundhog Day!

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