Unravelled Wednesday: On the Eighth Day o Yuletide…

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On the Eighth Day o Yuletide…


My true luve geid tae me
Eight skaters skooshin!

So goes the Scot version. And it’s is cold enough here that we have an ice patch on our back porch. It isn’t big enough to skate on, but brrrr….the weather forecast is for a high of 36 deg F today. A great day for wearing homemade knits!

eighth day of yuletide
The wrap is laid out, folded in half, for blocking.

I finished the wrap gift after a knitting marathon on the 15th and then let it block for 3 days. The pattern is  called Lively House Wrap. It was super easy to follow and the wrap was very quick to knit. I used DROPS Lima from Garnstudio. A blend of alpaca and wool, it’s soft and warm but doesn’t shed. Perfect for a wrap. I chose the beige colors because I wasn’t sure what my sister would wear with it and wanted to stay as neutral as possible.

Here she is modeling it like a scarf…we were fooling around opening gifts out of the trunk of our cars before we had to leave and I asked if I could take a quick pic….I love my sis!

Eighth day of yuletide

We met up last week in North Carolina and spent the day wandering around museums, having lunch and walking through the Mountain Farm Museum at the Smokey Mountain National Park Welcome Center.

the smokey mountains in December
A view off the side of the road not far from Cherokee

Regrettably, we don’t get to see each other very often so it was wonderful to have a day to ourselves. I miss her at times, especially when I make a joke and my husband doesn’t get it. My sister and I have a quirky dry sense of humor, which I was reminded of at our visit when we were sharing laughs at the oddest things.

Including my oven problems…

Which is still inoperative. So my husband cooked his feast turkey on the barbecue last Sunday, and I prepared everything else on the stove top. It wasn’t the best feast we’ve had, but it was the best we could do. I bought some cookies at Trader Joes, but the TJ pie didn’t seem to be cooked all the way and no one liked it. If we ever get another oven, I’ll cook a real feast!

Last week I talked to the oven manufacturer customer rep, who told me my case would be reviewed to see if we could get a new range. Someone would call me within the next two weeks. Which puts us into January for a new oven.

This one has been inoperative for a longer time than we used it.

In California we had natural gas appliances. Very simple, very easy to cook with, and less expensive for us in a state where electricity prices are extremely high. Here in Tennessee I had to choose an induction stovetop and electric oven because no natural gas is available. This oven has computer controls, and the temperature sensors are the parts that keep failing. Right when the oven gets to 425 F. The heat is too much for the poor thing.

How silly is it to expect an oven design that can withstand high temperatures?

On the nightstand

is Janet Evanovich’s second book (almost finished), Book 9 of Agatha Raisin (finished), and Book 10 of The Cat Who books (finished). Today the library will reopen (YAY) and I can pick up some more. I’ve had to limit my reading while they were closed for the holiday. Normally that isn’t an issue. But I like to read when it gets dark out, warm and cozy under my blankets, and now that the nights are longer I find it easier to read for a couple of hours every night instead of the few minutes I spend in the summer.

Such is winter, which is now eight days in. Only 81 more to go!

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