The Shakedown Cruise: Day 4 – Surf Fishing!

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We woke up this morning to heavy fog. So instead of going on the hike at Jughandle, we decided to go to Westport for some fishing.

This was my very first time surf fishing. I found that it’s not as easy as it looks. My biggest problem was getting the hooks cast out far enough to keep the waves from bringing them back on shore. 

Nevertheless, I caught a surf perch. One fish. It was quite fun. But I think I had more fun watching the waves. I filmed a little bit of it to share.


Shujin caught 7 fish.

He has a lot more practice than I do. It had nothing to do with the tasty bits of squid we were putting on the hooks. I know it couldn’t have been. My squid were dragged through the sand so many times they had to smell like the real thing. But only one fishy wanted them.

All of the fishies were released and swam happily back into the ocean. 

Dinner consisted of a fantastic plate of linguine with vegetable sauce, and another salad with homemade Italian dressing. No fish this time. It was still very yummy!


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