Unraveled Wednesday: Cookies and Knitting

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‘Twas the Wednesday before Christmas and all through the house
The humans were stirring…


At least, I wish I could make cookies. It is now DAY 61 without an oven. And I don’t want to mix any cookie dough if I can’t bake the cookies.

Sigh. I miss cookies!

In the past two months I have learned that there is nothing–no prodding, threat, promise or complaint– that  motivates an appliance repair person to perform warranty work. In addition, calling the manufacturer EVERY DAY does nothing to get the oven repaired. However, I’ll let you know soon if filing a complaint through the Better Business Bureau works.

In the meantime, no holiday cookies for us. It also appears we’ll be barbecuing our feast dinner, just like we had to do for Thanksgiving. I can’t say it wasn’t delicious. But I do miss roasted Brussels sprouts, homemade granola, my own home baked pizza (not necessarily in that order)…and COOKIES!

Unraveled Wednesday

In the knitting world, I am happy to say that my knitted gift is finished and blocked. It came out so nice! I can’t wait to give it to her. I hope she’ll let me take a picture and post it here so you can see the finished product, but in the mean time I’ll share my updated Roan Highlands sweater pictures.

december knittingThe main body of the sweater is finished, but it’s a wrinkled mess from being stuffed into the bottom of the knitting basket while I was working on the other project. It’s 100% wool so I expect the wrinkles to mostly block out when it’s done.

I started a sleeve cuff last night and worked on it a little today with my morning coffee.

As for my other shawl project…I didn’t start it and now I’m rethinking it. See, last year I made a wool poncho that I’ve only worn twice. I tend to favor cardigans and jackets over ponchos and shawls, and not only am I’m seriously doubting the need to knit another, I’m already planning to frog the poncho and reuse the wool for a pullover.

It’s a lot of wool. Enough to make something with cables!

That’s all I have for Unraveled Wednesday today…but in case I don’t get another post out in the next week or so…

I hope that whichever holiday you celebrate this time of year (if any!), you have peace, joy and contentment during the season and after.

Happy Yuletide!


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  1. Your warranty story is terrifying. It makes me afraid to buy a new appliance!
    But your sweater is gorgeous. That green is luminous!

    1. Thank you! In all, after 29 years of married life and owning 6 different homes, I have never encountered such a problem with an appliance. So I hope this is not indicative of the state of warranty repair work in the U.S. in 2017. As an update, when I called the manufacturer this morning (Kitchenaid), I was told my “account would be submitted for review” for a new range and someone would call me within the next two weeks to confirm if I was eligible for a complete replacement. In the meantime, no repair work is being scheduled…I’m crossing my fingers the BBB can do something faster but have given up having a working appliance for the holiday.

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