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Life as we know it can’t exist without it. I suppose that’s why humans feel this innate need to control everything. To influence how things change.

I’ve been thinking about this lately. ‘Tis the season when changes are hidden from us outside, but we all know that spring will be here soon enough and the world will change again. Seems like it was just yesterday when the trees were covered in bright warm colors and pumpkins were everywhere.

Obviously we can’t control the changing of the seasons. I hope we never find the means to do so.

Ah, anyway, moving on…

I’ve been planning changes to something I do control, namely Still round the corner, and, like the changing of seasons, it’s a slow process.

It all began with a fun tutorial I took for creating a mood board. That led to the idea of changing the logo, which lead to learning about branding. I really don’t care about branding for the site. This is a hobby for me and I never intend to monetize it. But the project manager in me loved the idea of examining, organizing and planning a site based on goals and objectives. So I revisited definitions of mission statements and information about how to determine your vision and…

It led to classes on UI/UX design. Which are taking a long time to complete. But I am enjoying the process, so what the heck?

I see lots of changes happening on the site. This past year of blogging has shown me what I like to do as well as revealed some frustrations that I don’t want to deal with in the future.

Here’s a short summary of the things I learned:
  1. I like writing long essays. Also, I don’t like writing for the sake of putting something out there twice a week. I’d rather focus on my writing quality, and if it isn’t something I can produce twice weekly, it’s okay. It may end up being twice a month instead.
  2. I love playing around with artwork. This past year I’ve included only photos, mostly because I want to put in something visual and photos are the quickest, easiest way to do so. In the next version, I’m going to create or find art that supports the writing.
  3. The minimalist-style blog theme is going away. I like color and movement! There are so many creative things that can be done with digital media. Why limit myself?
  4. It’s time to consider a new name. I chose Still round the corner because it fit my thinking at that time, not knowing what the blog was going to turn into. After a year of writing I have a good idea of what I like. I also know it will change in the future. So the title needs to be something that fits today’s style as well as any future styles. Coming up with a new blog name is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do!
  5. I want the blog to have a unique feel to it. The only way to really get what I am looking for is to design the theme myself and either pay to have a custom interface built or learn how to code. I can’t ignore the challenge. Creating a custom site isn’t difficult for me, but it’s definitely time consuming!
  6. This thought is sort of on the fence: I enjoy writing fiction and might want to include some of it the next version of the site. And I will always love knitting, even though I’m not prolific about it, and will want to post a general knitting column on occasion. Therefore, either the blog should be multi-purpose or I should use multiple blogs. I haven’t decided what to do about this yet and want to investigate existing sites that have similar content (long commentaries/fiction mixed with short journal-type entries) for possibilities.

So that’s the long and short of it. Changes are coming!

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  1. Ooo! I would love to try something like this, but fear! Lots and lots of fear! I will watch this with such great interest!

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