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So here I am again, after a long summer hiatus and lots of changes. In April we left California on our cross-country journey to find our retirement home. In May, we found a house we liked and in July it became ours. We moved in on August 2 and have mostly unpacked. We’re becoming familiar with our new community and loving the area we chose.

I found the local yarn store! It’s a cozy little place in downtown Jonesborough. I signed up for a class to knit The Window Cat and chose to make mine a fall decoration. It’s almost finished and I’ll post a separate entry for that when I have a picture.

I’ve also started hiking again. There are loads of wonderful trails here that I’m excited to try.

But, best of all, I have a full sized kitchen again! I’ve been cooking everything from fruit to nuts, including homemade soy and nut milks and some of the more complex vegan recipes that I’ve been dying to try. As I type, the bread machine is beeping that it’s finished and the house smells incredibly good. I had homemade granola with my very own soy yogurt for breakfast and homemade hummus for lunch.

Life is good.


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