Unraveled Wednesday: 3 January 2018

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Note: This post was originally published as “Unraveled Wednesday: 2 January 2018”. Most people have problems remembering to change the year in January. I, however, had the wrong day. Sorry about that!

Hello all! Happy January! What a great way to start the year…with a bit of knitting!

The Roan Highlands sweater is progressing nicely. I finished the main body and one sleeve, and nearly finished the second sleeve. Thanks to this very cold weather, walking time spent outdoors is limited to 40 minutes or less, and without an oven (yes, it’s still inoperative) I can’t bake anything. So I’ve loads of extra time for knitting.

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I’m not prepared for living in cold temperatures. My predicament is the result of living for 30 years in California, where we rarely experienced daytime temperatures below 35F. Any day it dipped into the 30s was “cold” for me. So while I own some gloves and scarves and such, none of them (except those purchased for skiing) are capable of keeping me warm in this climate where we are experiencing dips into the thermometer’s single digits on a regular basis.

I also don’t have a single wool sweater, so I am looking forward to finishing the Roan Highlands knit to have something warm to wear other than a blanket!

My next knitting project is a special request: a set of wool gloves for Son No. 1. He still wears the fingerless mitts I made for him last year, great for California but pretty useless here. They held up rather well, I think, despite the partial felting they went through because he wore them at work.

He is a barista and has to wash utensils and containers all the time as part of the process of making coffee drinks. It is so cold that he wears his coat and gloves while working. I noticed his mitts were starting to felt and warned him they might shrink if he kept getting them wet. I used a machine washable sock yarn that can handle some water, so I suspect it’s the wet abrasion that’s doing them in. He took my advice and quit wearing them while working, but wants another set of full fingered gloves for driving. This next set is not intended for washing dishes! I might even get ambitious and throw a cable on the back of them for some fun.

After those are finished I’m seriously contemplating frogging a poncho that I made last year. It’s 100% Cascade Yarn wool, mostly in off-white, and has oodles of yarn that is wasting in the bottom of a drawer. Don’t know what I was thinking when I knitted it. Better to reuse the yarn than leave it to collect dust.

Books On the Nightstand

On the nightstand is another Lilian Jackson Braun book as well as the third in Janet Evanovich’s series. I’m not reading any of Sue Grafton’s books at the moment but they are favorites of mine and I was saddened to hear of her death last week. I understand she didn’t finish the “Z” book in her series and hope someone picks up the torch for her.

Brandon Sanderson did that for Robert Jordan when he died, and although I didn’t like the ending of the Wheel of Time series very much, I thought Sanderson’s execution with Jordan’s notes made it seamless with the rest of Jordan’s books. I guess it didn’t hurt that Sanderson was already another favorite of mine.

Anyway, I think it’s entirely possible that Kinsey Millhone will solve one more mystery. I hope that, if someone does pick up the job of writing the final book, Kinsey either retires in a dignified fashion or encounters a meaningful death. We all need closure at times.

On the coffee table, (sometimes I read for a few minutes when I’m sipping) is An Extraordinary Year of Ordinary Days by Susan Wittig Albert. I ordered this when I read a favorable review by another blogger (regrettably, I’ve forgotten whose blog it was and therefore can’t thank the writer). I am really enjoying Ms. Albert’s commentary. I think, if we ever met, we’d have a lot to talk about. Her author’s page lists several other books she published, including an intriguing book titled A Wilder Rose and an entire series of mysteries. So I’m delightedly adding her to my current rotation of authors.

Upcoming Blog Changes

Finally, an update on the blog changes I announced last week. I decided to keep Still round the corner while starting another website. The new blog’s name is Wordsmithster. I don’t know when it will be ready to ‘publish’, but I’ve set a tentative date of the end of January to finish the first article. Wordsmithster isn’t intended to be a stream-of-consciousness writing style like SRTC. It’s mission is to have well-thought out essays within a creative framework, sufficiently different from SRTC to require its own web home. I’m very excited about it!

That’s all from my neck of the woods today. Joining the other knowledgeable knitters for Unraveled Wednesday at Kat’s

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  1. Knit faster so you can stay warmer!! Also, I truly hope your oven is fixed soon!

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