Wednesday Yarn Along Knitting Update

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A few weeks ago I found a wonderful blog called Small Things written by Ginny Sheller. I love her fresh, honest writing style.

She is also a knitter and has a page dedicated to weekly updates of her projects. She encourages others to post their progress along with their current read. So I’ve been lurking around seeing what other people are knitting and reading. Indirectly, I’ve found some pretty amazing blogs this way.

I’ve been thinking about posting my own progress, but I confess that my book selections are not what most knitters would choose to read. I finally concluded that I don’t mind sharing my reading selection because I hope that there are other knitters who also like esoteric topics but are a little fearful of confessing such. Maybe if I do it, they’ll see that they are not alone.

So here goes my first post for Yarn Along. You can find the others, including Ginny’s update, here: Yarn Along with Ginny Sheller

This week’s Project:

This week I am finishing fingerless mitts for Son No. 2. The pattern is called Don’t Skid, Honey, and it’s free on Ravelry from Justyna Lorkowska.  I apologize for the picture quality. We haven’t seen the sun here in a few days and the cloudy lighting is terrible.

ravelry fingerless gloves

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish DK, colortone Bark, to match the hat that I made him for Christmas. I had just stuffed them with a towel to get ready for blocking when I snapped the photo.

This is the size Large. I modified the pattern just a little. It called for all four fingers to be the same length, but when I tried on the first glove, the index finger and little finger seemed way too long. I asked Shujin to try it on so that I could double check, and he also thought they were too long, going almost to the fingernail. So I frogged them back to leave just four rows of knit after the joining to the body, then finished the twisted rib as directed. I did the same for the thumb, and was glad I did. I guess we all have short fingers!

On the Kindle I’m reading The Way of Zen by Alan Watts. What a great book! I am loving learning about the history of Zen Buddhism. And he’s included lots of resources to research after I’m finished with this book.

Happy Knitting!


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