The Shakedown Cruise: Day 2 – Point Cabrillo

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Today we visited the Point Cabrillo Light Station.

History of the Point Cabrillo Light Station

The light station is a California State Historic Park located south of Caspar Beach. It was constructed in 1908 to aid the mariners who were transporting logs from the area.

The station originally housed a kerosene-powered 3rd order Fresnel lamp built in Great Britain. It had a range of  about 15 miles and rotated by means of a weighted chain mechanism similar to what was used in clocks. In 1937 the machinery was replaced with an electric motor. The light still rotates with a ten second frequency.

The station was maintained by the head lightkeeper and two assistants. Each had a home on the grounds and rotated their duty in shifts. For about $500 a year (plus free housing), they maintained the light station and surrounding land while keeping the lamp lit and machinery in working order. 

In 1939 the Coast Guard took over the station and in 1992 it was relinquished to the California State Coastal Conservancy.

Watching the whales (and the fog!)

This is the time of year that the grey whales migrate past Point Cabrillo with their calves. It is a lot of fun to watch them from shore. Most of the time we could only see blows, but once in a while one of them would show a flipper. Our day started with gorgeous blue skies, but eventually the fog took over:

The fog gets closer…



and closer….
…it’s almost there….
Point Cabrillo


After the visit and a long walk along the cliffs, we drove to Fort Bragg and one of our favorite eateries: D’Aurelio’s Pizza. The Margharita pizza and North Coast Scrimshaw are delicious!

All in all, it was a wonderful day!

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