The Shakedown Cruise: Epilogue

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Rain started by the time we hitched the trailer to the truck on our last day. We’d cleaned and stowed everything the night before, so really all that was needed was to disconnect the landlines and connect to the tow vehicle. The weather forecast showed that rain was expected for most of the week, so we knew it was time to go home. Things were getting musty!

I’m glad that we chose the Fort Bragg area for our first trip in the Creekside. We didn’t have any serious problems that made me grateful for the short trip home, but we did get to experience enough moderate weather changes to find out if we were going to have leakage issues. Thankfully, the trailer stayed watertight! Only three issues needed resolution:

  1. The microwave was suspiciously quiet when we cooked something. The light turned on and the table rotated, the food cooked, but the fan only made noise during some cycles and not others. Was it wired correctly? Maybe a manufacturing defect? 
  2. The seal on the roof vent in the bathroom was coming off and needed reattached.
  3. Two bolts that hold the LP tank tray to the tongue were sheared. This left only two bolts intact, although it was only the heads of the bolts that came off. This was a bit scary, because the thought of the nearly full tanks falling during travel sounded dangerous.

Our RV dealer took care of everything while we supervised. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with the microwave. After testing ours and then running another brand new one for comparison, it turned out that the fan is just super quiet. That was a nice surprise.

They resealed the bathroom vent and thoroughly inspected the roof and bedroom vent, too. No other issues were found, but it was nice to have that added confidence.

Finally, although the dealer had never heard of anyone’s LP tanks coming off the trailer while travelling, he installed an additional two bolts on the tank tray along with replacing the two that sheared. His conclusion was that the installer had overtightened the broken bolts, but if there was a problem with the bolt strength, having two extra attachments might prevent a real failure.

The only other issues we had were minor: our water supply at the RV park was so full of sediment that it quickly plugged the water filter. The only thing we could do was buy bottled water for drinking and cooking, and flush the system when we returned. The filter will need replaced. This wasn’t an issue with the trailer, but it was a lesson learnt about what to expect for water quality at other parks. Secondly, although we never unrolled the awning at the site, the rain (or subsequent trailer washing) was enough to get water into the awning while it was rolled up. We unrolled it at home to let it dry and avoid future mildew problems.

All in all, we had a great time. It was a good way to celebrate Shujin’s retirement and test the trailer for the long trip coming up: The Great Cross Country Home Hunt. I can’t wait!


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