Yarn Along and Disappearing Cake

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This week’s Yarn Along project is the same one I’ve been working on for over a week. It’s socks for Shujin’s birthday. The Big Day is next week, and at this rate I’m not going to finish his present. One of the problems I’m having is with lighting. This winter weather means we are experiencing chronic Overcastitis, and my eyes aren’t what they used to be. So low daylight + dark inside = limited knitting.

I am absolutely loving the yarn, though. It is Knit Picks Stroll Tonal, in the Inverness colorway. It has just enough variegation to be interesting, but not too much for a conservative man who prefers grey socks.

Obviously this is blue and not grey. Although it could be hard to tell in this lighting. I’m hoping that, as a retiree, he’ll try something different. There won’t be anyone here but me to make fun of him wearing colored socks.

Anyway, we’ve been having stormy weather since last week.

It poured, drenching rain, all weekend and the wind – wow! As much as I like walking in the rain, even I didn’t consider going outside either Saturday or Sunday. The whole town is flooding.

I feel fortunate to be nice and dry in my apartment. I can see the trees blowing through the living room windows, and it’s awesome when occasionally the rain hits so hard it’s as if someone is throwing buckets of water at them. I also feel fortunate that we haven’t lost power.

However…I am starting to get a little antsy. I think it’s because the cake is disappearing.

See, Saturday was Son No. 2’s birthday and I made him a lovely hamburger cake. Here it is in all it’s glory:

the disappearing cakeIt was easy to make, and he was completely surprised.

(That’s not real ketchup, by the way, it’s strawberry jam. And the mustard is yellow frosting!)

It was a lovely birthday despite the rain. We went out to dinner, then came home afterwards and had some cake. I was already so full I could only eat a partial piece. It was delicious!

The weather continued to storm on Sunday. I couldn’t walk, but since I didn’t eat a full piece of cake the day before, I didn’t feel too bad about eating a small but whole piece of cake after lunch.

Keep in mind that this is a 3 layer 9-inch cake. It doesn’t really have much frosting, but the height of this cake is somewhere around 8 inches or so. It’s big, really big.

Monday came around, the weather cleared, and I got in a super walk at the park. I felt like I needed the extra exercise and walked at a fast enough pace I could’ve trotted. So I felt perfectly justified eating another slice of cake after lunch.

The following day the next storm blew in. There was no way I was going outside. About 1/3 of the cake remained. I resisted. The cake called. I ate an orange. The heater came on, and suddenly the smell of sweet frosting wafted through the five feet of space from the table to my living room sofa. The cake was sending signals. I resolved to be firm.

Then I started wondering, was it was drying out? Was that why I was smelling frosting?

I took a peek under the plastic wrap.

Dry crumbs were piled over half the plate, but the cake looked okay. The frosting, however, was losing its shine. I had to find out. Just a small taste to make sure it was still good. It would be a shame to throw away a third of the cake because it dried out. Yep, it still tasted good.

The cake shrunk by another piece.

Which brings us to today. Fortunately for me, one of the other family cake connoisseurs took care of the problem sometime during the wee hours. When I woke up, all that remained was the crumb filled plate and a smudge of frosting.

I am normally not much of a sweet eater. I can resist cookies, ignore donuts and usually say no to cake. They’re fun during the holidays, but we don’t have them on a regular basis the rest of the year. However, when one is trapped in a small apartment with a cake such as that one, a grand three layer (vanilla and chocolate!) baked from scratch, during four days of the worst winter weather yet this season, what else can one do but grab a fork?

disappearing cake


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  1. I am also making a pair of socks but they are for me. I”m about half way through. Your cake looks delicious, and isn’t it comfort food when the weather is bad?

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